K-9 Swim

What is K-9 Swim or Aqua Fitness?

Canine Aqua Fitness uses a certified swim coach in a warm water, zero-impact environment which benefits have been known to show builds strength, flexibility, and confidence in your dog.  Our facility is equipped with an indoor, heated 11.5 x 21 foot pool at 4.5 feet deep with its’ temperature maintained at a relaxing 92 degrees all year round.   Warm water is beneficial for numerous reasons:

  • Improves flexibility and muscle strength
  • Increases mobility and relaxes body
  • Increases endurance
  • Eases arthritis
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Relieves weight/strain on joints
  • Relieves paralysis and dysplasia
  • Overall general wellness
  • Confidence builder

We offer different swim options for every level of canine swimmer:

Assisted Swim

Our Assisted Swim with one of our certified swim coaches is designed for all dogs including seniors battling with arthritis, canines with general flexibility issues and even those dealing with weight loss.

Canine Aqua Fitness Swim/Fun Swim

Our Fun Swim is available for dogs that retrieve and swim without the help of a coach.

Learn to Swim/Puppy Swim

Our Puppy Swim is available for all dogs 8 months and younger.  Every first swim is always an assisted swim and we even offer life jackets for those in need of a little extra help.

*Don’t forget to bring your vaccination forms from your veterinarian before your first swim!

Standard Industry Release Agreement
General Intake Form
Although we do recognize the benefits of swimming as in any physical activity, please be aware that the services offered by The Paddling Pooch are not considered medical procedures and are not meant to diagnose, treat, correct, relieve, prevent and most important not meant to replace regular veterinary care. We do require a written veterinary release before your dog enters the pool if the owner makes us aware (which is required) of any preexisting medical condition either physical or mental.